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Want to make a difference in a world-class race?  Join Team Illinois Spina Bifida in the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 8.

2017 guaranteed entry applications will be available starting October 25.  

Contact us at or 773-444-0305 for details.

The Illinois Spina Bifida Association works family by family to build a stronger, healthier, more resilient statewide community of people living with Spina Bifida, one of the most common, permanently-disabling birth defects in the U.S.

Special thanks go to the great group of runners joining us from the North American Spine Foundation.

  Marathon team fundraising helps support programs that:  

  •   *Introduce new and expecting parents to families with thriving children with SB;
  •   *Create local educational workshops with child care and Spanish interpretation;
  •   *Connect young ladies and their mothers with professional women with SB;
  •   *Open doors to an active lifestyle for children and young adults via adaptive sports partners; and
  •   *Award tens of thousands of dollars for college costs, camp scholarships, and more!

   We hope you can join us in making this a great team effort!

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