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Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and we appreciate all the support we can get! I'm raising money for the most amazing cause and I really want you to Sponsor me.
Spina Bifida is something we've lived with as a family for 12 years through my son, Reed and will continue to address for the rest of our lives. My husband and I have joined the Chicago Marathon SPINA BIFIDA Team to provide funding and raise awareness. Please help us reach our goal and consider making a taxable donation. Together we can make a difference! Best - Sara



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Personal Overview

So far I've raised 42% of my goal
Personal Goal:$1,000.00
Money Raised:$420.00

Recent Donations

SSmet Family
LLuLaRoe with Kelly Crotser
Thanks to all who Shopped for Spina Bifida at www.startwithbelieving.com!
PPfeiffer Fam

Team Overview

Team RUN4REED has raised 104% of its goal
Team Fundraising Goal: $2,000.00
Money Raised: $2,080.00
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Event Overview

Illinois Spina Bifida Marathon Team has raised 111% of their goal
Illinois Spina Bifida Marathon Team Goal:$25,000.00
Money Raised:$27,936.40
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